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Luxury of travelling with a real difference.
With some of the most spectacular landscapes as a backdrop, MENU Portugal Health & Happiness Course in a well-balanced escape, where variety of training and learning activities are perfectly combined with sunshine, excellent cuisine and new travel experience. 
Number of best experts in variety of disciplines and sciences collaborated to create this new methodology.
Now it is time for You to benefit!
And achieve this essential improvement of health, appearance, state of mind, overall wellbeing.
Combination of important techniques were put into the Course program to let You achieve a result that will not disappear after completion but develops deeply making the win progressing further. And making You healthy and happy!
Now make a reservation to the unique Health & Happiness Course.  
The Course is programmed for 5, 7 or 10 days of continuous learning and practicing, from morning check-ups and trainings to evening lessons, relax sessions and consultations.
The number of days can be modified upon request.  
Because even a short time here will impact seriously and lead to notable positive improvements that will last further!
  • Physical evaluations
  • Personalized training program
  • Personalized healthy lifestyle program
  • Beauty and system detox treatments
  • Nutrition consultancy 
  • Blood tests
  • Healthy meal cooking classes
  • Visits to local farms and estates
  • Organic products degustation
  • Psychological consultations
  • Meditation classes
  • Open air trainings
  • Guided climbing, walking, cycling tours
  • Variety of sea sport activities - surfing, SUB, sailing
  • Variety of sightseeing tours


A selection of unique places where working on body, relaxing mind and living healthy is perfectly combined with exploring the best of natural resorts of Portugal. 
Design eco-lodges, boutique hotels and villas surrounded by natural parks and Atlantic ocean coastline are our choice.
Eco materials, stylish design, privacy and comfort. This is where You enjoy the Health & Happiness Course and get focused on Your target!
Far from crowded touristic areas, our unique escapes let our Guests enjoy the best of the program and beauty of nature and achieve the result. 
And it works all year round thanks to wonderful Portugal climate. 


Essential part of the Health & Happiness Course is nutrition. And it is not only about eating healthy during several days here but general lifestyle change.
Be it a resolution of weight loss problem or gain muscles tone, overall wellbeing and healthiness – nutrition is the key.
We have teamed up with the best experts to guide You through all the way.
Master Chef cooking classes of healthy meals including tasty desserts open a new world of delicious food that also does good to health.
Personalized nutrition consultations provide the know-how information that allows to achieve a true result that lasts. 



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