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MENU Portugal provides an expert consultancy and services in several businesses in Portugal. 


Our local know-how and exclusive insider connections let us find You what no-one else can do. 

With international background in leisure and project managing we are a creative and open-minded, not and average local agency.


MENU Portugal is a travel planning, event organising, project managing, consultancy services and real estate tours provider with high profile clients from across the globe. Our multilingual team makes sure our guests-clients feel comfortable and protected. 


Personalised travel solutions and expert help in choosing a property - at Your disposal. And why not to combine the both? 

Fun city break trip, family gateway, event visit or investor’s business trip - we organise it the best way and make sure it is productive.


A variety of reasons makes Portugal ideal destination for life or vacations. 

Ideal weather, natural resorts from Atlantic ocean beaches to mountains and river valleys, world architecture heritage, culture and art, sailing, golf, gastronomy and variety of wines across the country.

And these are just a few of many reasons to join our Exclusive Travel Itineraries and enjoy our unique tips and tours in this country.


MENU Portugal guarantees with us Your experience the best here in Portugal!


Evgeniya Berezina, creator and the driving force of the Project:
- Dear friends, pleasure to see you interested and reading this note! 
I hope to speak in person and provide you with my know-how and the best insider’s tips about this wonderful country.
As a person with Diplomatic family background travelling around the world I shall confirm – Portugal is the best place for leisure or business.
Where else you would find a European chic and security, ocean at your feet, culture, sun and the best food on earth in one place?
It took me years of life and professional experience in London, Paris, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and New York to be able to compare.
And what I give You my dear guests-clients is my personal knowhow and advise, a resault of extensive work and cooperation with well selected local partners, the best in Portugal.
Drop me a line or call to book my Excluisve Travel Itineraries! 


Even the most experienced traveller simply falls in love with the variety and beauty of what this country.
It is a destination for a person with a great taste, a nomad who appreciates the quality of life.
What surprises in Portugal is a variety. Just imagine:
- Atlantic ocean coast beauty and it's unspoilt natural resorts
- Thousands of years of history and World Heritage architectural sites.
- Mountains or fabulous wine producing valleys
- Gastronomic diversity in every region, where Lisbon, Douro, Porto, Alentejo, Algarve offer their unique wine and food specialities
- Sport and leisure activities all year round, from golf to sailing and   extreme sports as moto and car rallies, surf, paragliding, diving 
- Ideal climate for life and travel, more than 300 days of sun a year
Portuguese people, very friendly, highly educated and multilingual
You simply feel home here, comfortable and happy! 


MENU Portugal offers a professional consultancy and analytic services.


We give you our insider’s knowledge and advise on all pros and cons, areas specific and investment opportunities.


MENU Portugal team works professionally to provide You the best property investment opportunity anywhere in Portugal.


Learning the insider’s information on the country is essential.


We are happy to organize a personalized tour to different Portugal areas, a productive business visit and then the best vacations for Your! 


Have a look and plan your visit now!


Our videos are coming soon also, we've teamed up with the best professionals and preparing something very special for You! 


Delighted to have some of the most beautiful spots in the world at our disposal, so many places to visit and film - best experience ever. 


In short travel distances we have an endless list of cities, beaches,   castles, villages, events to record. 


Now get inspired and make Your own videos too when travel here!

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