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CHOOSING THE BEST ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



The best of our experience and creativity for You. An unforgettable custom made journey.

Discovery of the well kept secrets of Portugal and unique places noone else knows about. 

Get inspired and enjoy You personalized holidays carefully planned with the most attention to every detail.


Have a look at our proposals for You! 


World architectural heritage. From mysterious prehistoric monuments, Roman times, Medieval ages, Gothic, Crusaders temples, Manuelino and Great Discoveries ages monuments to baroque, romantic, classic, neo-classic and the most contemporary, including Portuguese architects - famous Pritzker Prize winners.


Wine tasting. Diversity of regions, grapes, traditions, flavours. Each regions has it’s own unique characteristics and specialities. Dedicated degustation itineraries, meeting top producers in their wine estates, private tastings, lessons, pairings for lunches and dinners, tasting exclusive and rare wines.


Specialities of Portuguese gastronomy, variety of regional traditions, flavours and tastes.
From lobsters and oysters, fish soups to meat, haunting food, stews, eternity of choices of bread, desserts, olive oils, cheeses.
Become part of history, be a winemaker. Making personalized wine barrel to be opened years later. Creating personalized wine bottles and glasses design.
Unique romantic event or anniversary celebration – this experience will always be a sweet memory. And will taste even better. The key thing – to come back collect it with the one the wine was created.
Become a Chef. Learning to prepare food to local culinary traditions. Cooking lessons from best Chefs recognized internationally.
Ideal creative housewives in search of new inspiration – bring unique flavours to family meals. A wonderful opportunity for a hard working successful men to learn how to impress with a minimum effort!
Health & Happiness Course - dedicated personalized program. Exclusively for individuals and couples or smaller groups.
Incorporate training sessions, nutrition consultations, healthy cooking classes, variety of sport activities, meditation, spa and wellbeing treatments, visits to local farms, learning about healthy food, sightseeing tours. 
Dedicated to set up long term results! 
Adventure and challenge in the most beautiful settings – hiking, rock climbing, cliff diving, mountain trails, caves visits.
Caves of Grutas de Mira de Aire are the largest in Europe. Areas of Geres and Madeira island are the most picturesque for hiking.
Extreme driving experience. Personalized itineraries designed to get the best of speed and unique sightseeing.
Changing luxury sport cars on every stop.
Available park of Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, Lotus cars upon request. 
Lessons with European champion pilots on professional auto tracks (Estoril and Portimao), racing in competition cars.
Motocross or motorcycle racing experience, practicing on professional tracks, lessons from best European instructors.
Watching Championships form VIP boxes or close to the race track.
Religious itineraries. Pilgrimage. Christian, Roman, Jewish, Orthodox, Visits to world culture and religion heritage sites, convents and sacred places. Participation in events and celebrations.
Dedicated music itineraries. Festivals, private concerts, jazz, rock, classic - best world programs and VIP entrance.
Extensive list of street music events, carnivals, celebrations, festivals, concerts is all areas of Portugal feature world top stars.
Hunting. Rich variety of all hunting programs and species .
Big, medium, small games – all animals and birds permitted for hunting in Europe. Local gastronomy specialities and hunting food, regional wines degustation. Accompaniment of professional gamekeepers, assistance with licensing. 
Fishing.  Atlantic Ocean, lakes and rivers offer a long list of rare species including sharks, tuna, blue marlin
Continental Portugal or Madeira and Azores islands – excitng programs and unique adventure experience all year round.
Sailing, nautical courses and experience. Variety of levels, from very experienced to beginners. Short sailing breaks for fun or advanced certified courses. 
Regattas. Participation, watching best world competitions.
Family building. Creation of warm connection between father and sun. Hard working dad takes a child on a ‘real men adventure’ trip. Overcoming obstacles together in a variety of sport adventures, sharing unique experience. Racing sport cars, jeeps, motorbikes, hunting, golf, sailing, fishing, climbing, watching sport games – all to become a special memory between the two.
Football. Best of world players and most spectacular games. VIP boxes, exclusive catering, private entries.
Watching some of World best race car and motorcycle competitions, off road, motocross.
World Series F1, Grand Prix, DTM, F3 Championships, GT, ETCC, European F3000.​
Adventure and nature. Surf, kitesurf, kiteboard, body board, kayak, paddlleboard in the most fabulous yet unknown spots.
Lessons from best European instructors. Watching world competitions.
Diving. Spectacular underwater world of continental Portugal and volcanic islands of Madeira and archipelago of Azores. Extensive list of species to watch and photograph throughout the year.
Shark diving expeditions. Snorkeling with dolphins. Discover the hidden gems of Atlantic Ocean.
Eco tourism. Discovery of hidden viewpoints, wild beaches, volcanic lakes, caves, seaside mountains trails, unknown beaches. Accommodation in Eco hotels, private estates and design camps,
Visits to organic food producing farms, tasting fruits, vegetables, olives, wines. Participation in seasonal harvesting and cooking.
Bird watching. Regions of Alentejo, Algarve, Azores islands are among the best in the world.
Guided tours all year round, photography courses.
Discover the best of the world from above! 
Hot balloon flights. Hand-gliding, paragliding. Helicopters and jet rides along Atlantic coast marvels. Totally new point of view to famous landscapes.
Corporate events, celebrations, team building experience. From medieval castles and convents to palaces, golf resorts, churches, rural escapes, wine producing estates – most spectacular venues for any kind of event.
Exclusive catering solutions. Personalized programs of activities and entertainment.
Art itineraries for collectors. Private visits to exclusive collections, galleries, acquisition of contemporary pieces or old masters. Sculpture, painting, photography, interior design pieces. Meeting artists personally.
Antique furniture acquisition from exclusive private collections. 
Mother and daughter itinerary. Building up close relationships between a parent and a child while enjoying ‘girls pleasures' – spa, shopping, beauty treatments, looking for new fashion designers and bespoke pieces or stylish ‘folklore’ jewellery.
Exclusive antique jewellery pieces and precious stones acquisition of renown european brands by request.
Wedding celebration. From Royal palaces to medieval convents, ocean coastal resorts, ancient chapels, modern or antique yachts - all ‘wow factor’ scenarios. Exclusive catering and entertainment programs.
No limit to imagination. Ideal wedding settings all year round for large groups or small private events.
Bride’s shopping voyage. Wedding dress purchase! 
Portugal has centuries of fame for unique lace making traditions . Great choice of luxury wedding dresses and bespoke accessories. 
Observing stars. Region of Alentejo is officially number 1 in the world for star observations. Visits to observatories, learning about space and universe, guided tours, personalized photography courses.
Participation in Dark Sky Alqueva program. Astro – photography.
Kids summer courses in high profile international groups. Learning European languages with practicing golf, tennis, football, sailing, horse riding. Discovering history, traditions and culture of different countries, interesting sightseeign tours around Portugal.
Getting the best of good weather, sun, ocean, nature, international society and European education traditions.
Exclusive horses. Acquisition of champions breed horses, visits to private horse breeding estates. Stunning horse-riding itineraries, lessons and practicing for all levels, including professionals.
Discover famous Portuguese breed Cavalo Lusitano - one of the most prestigious and reknown in Europe and in the world.
Close to nature! Wale watching. Dolphin watching.
Aqua-park fun, dedicated kids programs. Dolphins healing programs.
Cork. Visits to picturesque rural areas of Alentejo, the main cork producing region in the world. Learning about this sustainable, beautiful and ecological material.
Acquisition of interior design pieces in cork, craft objects, textiles, art pieces and jewellery, accessories.
Art of Azulejo. Wold famous ages old art of tiles painting.
Learning about history, visiting best collections. Painting lessons. Acquisition of pieces directly from antique fabrics.
Exclusive mosaic panels, personalized interior decoration pieces, original tableware.
World literature heritage. Visits to most beautiful libraries in the world – University of Coimbra and Mafra Palace. 
Follow secret Lisbon itineraries by Fernando Pessoa. Get to know portuguese caracter with Luis de Camoes. Learn about the world of Nobel Prize writer Jose Saramago.
Winemaking celebrations! 
Picking up grapes, traditional food and wines festivals, pressing grapes, party – ‘festas das vindimas’, street concerts, degustations.
Magic of Fado music.
Discovering the best of Art of Fado through thematic intimate dinners with life concerts. Classical style Fado of Lisbon or unique Fado from Coimbra and Porto - touching and inspiring musical experience.
Wine production. Acquisition of a wine estate in the oldest wine producing region of Europe - Douro Valley. Picturesque itineraries on river Douro by antique boat.
Exclusive visits to wine producing estates. Degustations. Property selection and acquisition.
Sun. Ocean. Beach relax. Happiness.
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